Subject: Zach Meikamp wants to know about this seven year old memory
Geographic location of the bug:  Costa Rica (Central)
Date: 04/04/2021
Time: 04:35 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello. A pic came up in my memories on my phone from 7 years ago. It was a moth I believe and it was strikingly beautiful. None of the local friends could identify it. It’s driving me crazy what it is and I have searched up and down the internet to find it but have yet to succeed. What do you think?
How you want your letter signed:  Thank you.. Zach M

Wasp Moth is Cyanopepla species

Dear Zach M,
This is a positively gorgeous Wasp Moth in the subtribe Ctenuchina, and we have several gorgeous individuals of different species of Wasp Moths on our site from Costa Rica.   Though our initial search did not turn up a conclusive visual match, this is quite close match to the fantasy butterfly wings being sported by Melanie on the Irish Chain.  Luckily, we have a close friend Lepidopterist Julian Donahue who is an expert on Arctiids and we will see if he recognizes your beautiful Wasp Moth.

Update 4/8/2021:  Julian Donahue Responds
It appears to be a species of Cyanopepla, but I need to see the abdomen and hindwings; it could be a form of C. arrogans, C. submacula, or something else.
Julian P. Donahue

Location: Costa Rica

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