Subject:  Unknown insect
Geographic location of the bug:  Ottawa Ontario Canada
Date: 02/06/2020
Time: 12:41 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Not sure if these are thrips or aphids? any help identifying and eradicating these would be appreciated. This is my third indoor crop over winter that has been infested over this winter so far 🙁
Thank you very much!
How you want your letter signed:  Thank you

Aphids on Cannabis

Dear Dave,
These appear to be Aphids, and they appear to be on a
Cannabis leaflet, so we are assuming you are growing Marijuana indoors.  This article on Canna Connection might have some helpful information for you as does Royal Queen Seeds.  Because female Aphids are able to give birth asexually, they do not require mating and populations of Aphids can increase quite rapidly.  Indoor growing has its own set of challenges, and keeping plants pest-free is often difficult.

Excellent! Thank you so much for the references.. I’ll do my best to eradicate these tiny pests.. you’ve been most helpful!
Take good care my friend!
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Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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