Subject:  Winged insect
Geographic location of the bug:  Nepal (Annapurna region)
Date: 11/05/2019
Time: 08:30 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi
I was on a trek recently (Oct 2019)in the Annapurna region of Nepal. U cane across this winged insect. Would love to know what it is.
How you want your letter signed:  Andy

Mammoth Wasp

Dear Andy,
Your image of this amazing insect is awesome.  This is a Mammoth Wasp in the family Scoliidae.  We located this FlickR posting that identifies it as a female
Megascolia azurea and the posting indicates:  “another rare record.”  It is also pictured on ResearchGate and iNaturalist.  Mammoth Wasps prey on the larvae of Scarab Beetles, not to eat, but to provide food for the young.  Ray Cannon’s Nature Notes has a nice posting of an encounter in Thailand.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for your quick response.  Thats amazing. Im so please to have have found out what this insect is. Ive posted it on Instagram, I’ll mention that you helped me i-d it.

Hi again Andy,
You got lucky with the “quick response” because Daniel was traveling to Washington DC with a group of award winning Journalism students for five days during which time he didn’t respond to any identification requests.

Location: Annapurna, Nepal

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