Subject:  More images of Fairy Shrimp
Geographic location of the bug:  Florida, St. Petersburg
Date: 08/31/2019
Time: 12:46 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I know i’ve sent fairy shrimp images before, but those were pretty low-quality(sorry about that), so I took some more images!
Some aquarium equipment is visible in the images because i’m trying my hand at raising them- so far so good, they’re comfortable enough to reproduce(it isn’t a very romantic affair…)
All these images are females, as they have their brood pouches full, still awaiting the day where i notice one depositing eggs…..
I still love fairy shrimps more than ever and i’m super happy that i’m able to submit these images, fairy shrimp go largely unappreciated on the internet!
How you want your letter signed:  Chance Arceneaux

Fairy Shrimp

Dear Chance,
Thanks for submitting new images of your Fairy Shrimp as well as information about raising them in captivity.  As we requested in our response to your previous submission of Fairy Shrimp:  ” We wish you had submitted larger digital files of your images as the quality was somewhat degraded when we formatted the low resolution files for posting.”  Once again we had to increase the size of your 300×400 pixel png file to convert it to a 550×800 pixel jpg.  Please do not reduce the file of your images in the future.  We would much rather decrease the file size of a larger image than to increase the file size which leads to image degradation.

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

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