Subject:  Images of Fairy Shrimp
Geographic location of the bug:  Florida
Date: 08/25/2019
Time: 02:05 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I never knew fairy shrimps even existed in Florida- and seeing these in a vernal pool near my school made me so, so excited! They are my favorite invertebrates on this earth(just look at their cute little eyes, awww), and I felt like i needed to share a little bit of my joy with you!
How you want your letter signed:  Chance Arceneaux, Fairy Shrimp Fanatic

Fairy Shrimp

Dear Chance,
We share your enthusiasm.  Daniel first discovered Fairy Shrimp over 50 years ago in a vernal pond in Northeast Ohio, and when a funeral home was built on the site of the pond that also provided a home for tadpoles and numerous aquatic insects, it was probably his first experience with the loss of open space due to development, a cause for which he remains dedicated to oppose.  Daniel was quite excited when he discovered Fairy Shrimp in a vernal pond near the L.A. River in 2010.  We wish you had submitted larger digital files of your images as the quality was somewhat degraded when we formatted the low resolution files for posting.  BugGuide includes Florida among the locations where Fairy Shrimp have been sighted and reported.

Location: Florida

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