Subject:  Id
Geographic location of the bug:  MO
Date: 08/19/2019
Time: 11:28 AM EDT:  Your letter to the bugman —
This “thing” was on one of my out door potted plants. Is it going to due damage to my plant?
How you want your letter signed:  SG


Dear SG,
You submitted images of two different “things” but we are only posting one image.  The Walkingstick or Phasmid is a leaf eater, but we suspect it would much rather be in the trees than in your potted plants, so we would urge you to relocate it.  The winged Mayfly will not damage your plants.

Thank you very much.  As of last night the stick was still in my plant.  If still present i will move to tree.  [ Hope they don’t bite].
Thanks again.

Location: Missouri

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