Subject:  need help with ID
Geographic location of the bug: Westmoreland State Park, in Montross, VA 22520
Date: 05/13/2019
Time: 08:24 AM EDT
Dear Daniel,
I tried to upload this photo to your website, but it appears my computer is “buggy”, ha ha. I found this (I presume) larva on the path of Westmoreland State Park, in Montross, VA 22520, on April 20th. I moved it to the side where it wouldn’t get stepped on. When moving it, it kept trying to dive under the leaf I was trying to move it with, perhaps it was ready to pupate much like Manduca sexta does (I used to work with them). I managed one photo before it burrowed into the leaf litter. It was about three inches in length.
I cannot find anything in my books or on your site. I am hoping you can help me….
Thanks so much for your great website. Sometimes I just browse through to see insects that live in places I’ll never be able to visit.
Regards, Seth

Unknown Beetle Larva

Dear Seth,
Many larval forms of insects are not well documented.  This appears to us to be a Beetle larva.  Perhaps one of our readers will recognize it and write to us.

Location: Montross, Virginia

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    • bugman says:

      Wow Cesar. That would be awesome. You always provide such consistently accurate corrections and identifications on our often hastily made postings, and we are forever grateful for your contributions to our humble site.

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