Subject:  Need help with identifiyng bug
Geographic location of the bug:  California
Date: 05/13/2019
Time: 05:51 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello, we have an issue with this little bug all over our yard. They mostly hide in dark areas like under leaves , wood what ever they can find. They are now starting to come into the house and they jump all over and are very tiny. They do not seem to bite however I’m not 100% sure.
How you want your letter signed:  Justin


Hi Justin,
These are benign Springtails in the order Collembola, and they are arguably the most common creatures on land.  When conditions are favorable (generally damp conditions) they can get so numerous as to be a nuisance, but they pose no threat to humans.  In our opinion and the opinion of many, they are actually beneficial because they help to break down rotting organic matter so that it can be incorporated into fertile soil.

Location: California

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