Subject:  Assasin or Leaf-Footed?
Geographic location of the bug:  Cape Coral, FL
Date: 05/03/2019
Time: 07:32 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I’m trying to decipher if these are assassins or Leaf-Footed, I read that assassins can be carriers of Chagas Disease.  If we have assassins in our garden I want to know about it.
Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.
How you want your letter signed:  Please identify this bug.

Leaf Footed Bug Nymphs

These are Leaf Footed Bug nymphs, probably in the genus Leptoglossus, and though they are harmless to you, they will feed on the tomatoes .  Additionally, not all Assassin Bugs are a concern, though many will bite if carelessly handled.  Only the Blood Sucking Conenose Bugs run the risk of carrying the pathogen that causes Chagas Disease, a condition that is relatively rare in North America.  Chagas Disease is more of a concern in the tropics.

Leaf Footed Bug Nymphs

Thank you for your time.  As I tried looking at various picture on the internet, I couldn’t identify these bugs because of the large dots on the back abdomen.

Location: Cape Coral, Florida

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