Subject:  Moth from south fl
Geographic location of the bug:  Found on a window in S Florida
Date: 05/10/2019
Time: 01:17 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Could not identify my moth in my Audubon Field Guide, thought you might know .
How you want your letter signed:  Laura Rice

Spanish Moth

Dear Laura,
We remember having to identify this pretty little moth in the past, and that it took us considerable time because we thought we were trying to identify a Tiger Moth in the subfamily Arctiinae.  We did remember that it was actually an Owlet Moth, and when we began to attempt an identification, we quickly found the Spanish Moth,
Xanthopastis timais, on Featured Creatures where it states that it is:  “is unmistakable for any other moth in Florida.”  The site also states:  “The Spanish moth, originally described from Surinam, is found throughout lowland areas of South and Central America, and in the Caribbean. The Spanish moth occurs throughout all lowland Neotropical regions of the Caribbean, and as far south as northern Argentina. In North America, the species has a southeastern distribution, from the Carolinas to Texas, but strays northward along the Atlantic Coast as far as coastal New York, and inland as far north as Kentucky and Arkansas. It occurs in all of Florida.”

Location: Florida

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