Subject:  Scary!
Geographic location of the bug:  Shasta lake CA
Date: 04/30/2019
Time: 12:48 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Found this scary looking bug on my peppermint plant this morning and I can’t figure out what it is. Please help!
How you want your letter signed:  Perplexed Peppermint

Snipe Fly

Dear Perplexed Peppermint,
We will attempt to identify this Fly for you.

Eric Eaton Responds
One of these, I believe:
Family is Xylophagidae, with no common name in English, naturally….
Lead author, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

Update:  Frequent WTB? contributor Cesar Crash believes this is a female Snipe Fly in the genus Rhagio which is pictured on BugGuide .

Update from Eric Eaton:
Well, I’ll be….I stand corrected.  It *is* a Rhagio sp.  Did not know they got that large and that “red” in California.
author, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America


Location: Shasta Lake, California

7 Responses to Female Snipe Fly

  1. Mendez says:

    Hanging thief?

  2. Cesar Crash says:

    I think it’s a female Snipe Fly Rhagio sp.

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