Subject:  Large Fly?
Geographic location of the bug:  Coryell County
Date: 04/13/2019
Time: 05:58 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello! This large fly-like insect sat on our porch for several hours. I don’t know if it was injured, but it didn’t move much. I have been unable to match its photo. Thank you!
How you want your letter signed:  Ellen

Male Robber Fly

Dear Ellen,
How nice to hear from you.  This is one of the predatory Robber Flies in the family Asilidae.  Because of the tufted abdomen, we are inclined to speculate that this is a male Robber Fly in the genus
Efferia, and though its markings are different, you can see that it resembles this individual on BugGuide.

Thank you so much! The photo in bug guide is amazingly detailed. Best wishes to you both.
Location: Coryell County, Texas

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