From the monthly archives: "March 2019"

Subject:  ive been trying for hours
Geographic location of the bug:  south orange county california
Date: 03/01/2019
Time: 11:34 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  a package of coffee beans shipped by costco was on the floor by my stair case near the entry when I saw something tiny moving. i took the attached photo. Dont know if it’s a lace bug, soldier bug, shield bug or what. i cant seem to find anything with the raised cross pattern on the back or with the same coloration
How you want your letter signed:  it doesnt matter.

Varied Carpet Beetle

The Varied Carpet Beetle is a common, cosmopolitan, household pest, and in our opinion, it is unrelated to your coffee delivery.

Subject:  Winged red detailed bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Brooklyn Navy Yard
Date: 03/03/2019
Time: 09:00 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi- stumbled across your site and thought of this bug I saw years ago-
I believe it was at the brooklyn Navy Yard, spring or summer
Is it rare? I’ve always kind of liked insects, and have never seen anything like this
How you want your letter signed:  IcyRazer

Large Milkweed Bug

Dear IcyRazer,
The Large Milkweed Bug is not considered rare.

Thanks for the quick response…
I was hoping it was some exotic bug never before seen in NY,  but great to know about the Large Milkweed Bug… it was quite beautiful, and I don’t recall ever seeing one before.

Subject:  Two-Toned Asian Ladybird Beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Winter Park, Fl, 32792
Date: 02/16/2019
Time: 10:54 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Discovered a Two-Toned Asian ladybird beetle by my porch  light the other night. Believe that’s the proper ID, one mentioned on a similar photo that its possible that its its wing-case died, leaving one to be lack of red pigmentation?
Curiously, the other post was taken years ago at Disney World, so could this be possible that its genetic mutation instead?
How you want your letter signed:  Alexis Comstock

Two-Toned Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle

Dear Alexis,
Sorry for the delay.  We were interrupted while creating a posting for your submission and it was saved as a draft and forgotten.  The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle is quite variable.  The suspicion about the dead elytra or wing cover is interesting, but we don’t know if it is accurate.

Ed. Note:  March 3, 2019
After posting this submission, we realized we had not yet selected a Bug of the Month for March, and since Red Headed Ash Borers are prone to emerging from firewood indoors while winter weather is still prevalent, we thought it would be an appropriate selection for March 2019

Subject:  Brown and Yellow
Geographic location of the bug:  Northwest Ohio
Date: 02/27/2019
Time: 11:55 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi there Bugman, it’s been a little while! I found this small six legged creature in my bedroom and would like to know what it is!
How you want your letter signed:  Hanna B.

Red Headed Ash Borer

Dear Hanna,
Do you store firewood indoors?  This looks to us like a Red Headed Ash Borer,
Neoclytus acuminatus, or another member of the genus.  According to BugGuide:  “Overwinters in infested tree trunks, probably as pupae; adults emerge in early spring and lay eggs under bark of recently dead trees” and “Larvae are common in downed timber with the bark left on.”  When firewood infested with larvae is brought indoors, the heat causes the adults to emerge early.  Many members of the family Cerambycidae have markings and coloration that mimic stinging insects like like this Paper Wasp.

Thank you!! I have several houseplants and a lot of driftwood. Perhaps it hatched from one of my pieces! It is still buzzing around in my house and it is still too cold to just put it outside, but there are sources of water in my house and if I keep seeing it, when it gets warmer outside I’ll let it out. I got another, much better picture of it as it perched on my kitten skull display(see attached)
Thanks again for the help!

Red Headed Ash Borer

Hi again Hanna,
Thanks for sending a better image.