Subject:  Bug found at Joshua Tree Nat Park
Geographic location of the bug:  Joshua Tree National Park
Date: 03/19/2019
Time: 12:19 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello, I found this little guy/gal on March 17, 2019 at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. Do you know what it is? Thank you, Deb
How you want your letter signed:  deb


Dear Deb,
This is some species of Weevil, but we do not recognize it.  Can you please provide an approximate size and any other helpful information.  Was it found on a plant?  What type of plant?  Often, knowing the food preferences is a big assistance with identifications.


Hello Daniel,
Thank you for replying.
Ah-ha! I thought it might be some sort of a weevil! J
I am sorry, I thought I sent you the photo of it with my finger in the photo so you could see its size in relationship to my finger.
Attached is the photo of it with my thumb in the photo. It is about the size of my thumb nail.
It was not found on a plant.
I found it March 17, 2019, on the roadway, under my solar panels in La Quinta, CA behind the Torre Nissan dealership (address: 2069 79125, CA-111, La Quinta, CA 92253)
I don’t know if this is relevant or not to its origin:

  • Just prior to finding it, I was out camping at Joshua Tree National Park in California from March 7, 2019 – March 16, 2019.
  • I stayed at Belle campground in the park.
  • The park was in full bloom.
  • When leaving the park on March 16, 2019, I had vehicle problems and was towed to Torre Nissan dealership (address: 2069 79125, CA-111, La Quinta, CA 92253)
  • While waiting for my truck to be repaired, I parked my travel trailer behind the Nissan dealership.
  • I put out my solar panels on the roadway so I would have electricity while I waited.
  • The next day, on March 17, 2019, my truck repairs were done and I went to pack up my solar panels and this little guy was on the ground under my panels.
  • I can’t be sure that he stowed away in my solar panels or that I carried him from Joshua Tree National Park to La Quinta, CA.
  • All I can say is that it was on the roadway, under my solar panels, in La Quinta, CA behind the Torre Nissan dealership (address: 2069 79125, CA-111, La Quinta, CA 92253)

Thank you for your help.
I posted it on my Facebook page and everyone was interested in knowing what this strange creature was.
I did a little research on the internet and I thought it might be a weevil of some sort.

Unknown Weevil

Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California

6 Responses to Desert Weevil found in Joshua Tree is from genus Ophryastes

  1. Debora says:

    The adult white fringed weevil is 10-13 mm long, slate-grey with a distinctive white strip on each side of the wing covers. Larvae are found in the soil. They are up to 13 mm long, are legless and, have a grey-white body. Their large black jaws are clearly visible but the yellow brown head is generally not seen as it is retracted into the body. Minor pest in many pastures and crops. Adults feed on the leaves of a wide range of broadleaf plants. Larvae feed on the roots of many plants and are the most damaging life stage.

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