Subject:  Bizarre Bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Atlanta , Georgia
Date: 03/13/2019
Time: 08:48 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Found on backyard wood deck. It is March. Found three others similar last year. Bug has on its back what look like crystals. It leaves strange residues on Petri dish. Scuttles quite fast. Very strange formations or perhaps its got stuff stuck to it? Or, is it carrying babies, or its lunch? Spider-like legs, pinchers, hairs on legs. 6 legs I think. Very bold stripes on face. I’m terrified.
How you want your letter signed:  C.McElhenny

Debris-Carrying Lacewing

Dear C. McElhenny,
This looks like a Debris-Carrying Lacewing larva.  They are ferocious predators and though we have received reports of people being bitten by Lacewing Larvae and by adult Lacewings, we have not gotten any reports of anyone being bitten by a Debris-Carrying Lacewing larva.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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