Subject:  Possible Epias muscosa?
Geographic location of the bug:  La Merced, Chanchamayo Province, Junin, Peru
Date: 01/30/2019
Time: 09:22 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I have several images of various moths from a trip near La Merced, Peru for blacklighting. This first one is the easiest as I’m near certain it is Epias muscosa – it is always good to get consensus though.
Thanks in advance.
How you want your letter signed:  Kevin

American Silkworm Moth

Dear Kevin,
Your images are beautiful with many fine details, and except for what we believe is a spelling error, we agree with your identification that this is an American Silkworm Moth,
Epia muscosa, which is pictured on iNaturalist and Encyclopedia of Life, and FlickR has many nice images of living specimens.  The bushy antennae indicate that your individual is a male.

American Silkworm Moth

Many, many thanks!
And yes, I meant to spell the genus as Epia.
Might I float one more image in your direction?
Thanks again!

Location: La Merced, Junin, Peru

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