Subject:  Giant Robber fly.
Geographic location of the bug:  Numurkah Victoria
Date: 01/26/2019
Time: 03:06 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Gday to be buggered I could fine any relation to this bug.
Then your site popped up.
I have sighted this fly several times in the last month or so.
Different locations around our 60acres.
It’s massive. It’s loud. It’s soooo fast. I had to take a slow mo video of it.
Any way would like to know anything you have on this sucker.
How you want your letter signed:  Sorry not sure on this question.

Giant Yellow Robber Fly

We have always found the Giant Yellow Robber Fly, Blepharotes coriarius, from Australia to be an extremely impressive Robber Fly.  The Australian Asilidae site also pictures several other similar looking species.  Your individual appears to have a tufted abdomen, indicating it is a male, and it really does most resemble the image of the male Blepharotes coriarius pictured near the top of the page. 

Giant Yellow Robber Fly

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Location: Numurkah, Victoria, Australia

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