Subject:  Spider found in Walmart bananas
Geographic location of the bug:  New Jersey
Date: 01/09/2019
Time: 11:43 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  A friend found this spider in the bananas they were stocking on a local Walmart. My reverse image search says wolf spider. Facebook comment says tarantula. Can you provide some clarification please? Love the site, and your insightful and thoughtful answers.
How you want your letter signed:  Joshua

Wandering Spider

Dear Joshua,
This is definitely NOT a spider native to New Jersey, and our best guess is that it was imported with the bananas from Costa Rica or Colombia or some other tropical country where they are grown.  It is NOT a Tarantula.  This sure looks to us like a Wandering Spider in the family Ctenidae or a Huntsman Spider in the family Sparassidae.  Here is a FlickR image of a Wandering Spider.  Some Wandering Spiders and Huntsman Spiders are reported to be quite venomous, so the gloves were a smart decision on the part of the handler.

Location: New Jersey

3 Responses to Wandering Spider found in Walmart Banana Shipment

  1. Cesar Crash says:

    Not huntsman, it looks like Phoneutria, but not a species I am used to, compare the stripes on palps and cephalothorax:

  2. Cesar Crash says:

    P. boliviensis on my link seems to match.

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