Subject:  Doesn’t look like a carpet bug, but that’s where they were found!
Geographic location of the bug:  Manchester, UK
Date: 12/18/2018
Your letter to the bugman:  Can anyone I identify this little fella, found many of them in the carpet but they don’t appear to look like any imaged of carpet bugs I found on:  Anthony

Giant Conifer Aphid

Dear Anthony,
While we suspect the answer is “yes” we would like to confirm that you had a live Christmas tree in the house.  This is a Giant Conifer Aphid, and folks with live trees are often quite surprised to learn their tree was infested with Aphids that begin leaving the tree when it begins to dry out.  These Giant Conifer Aphids are a nuisance inside the home, but they will not damage your home or its furnishings, unless you have other live coniferous houseplants.

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Location: Manchester, UK

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