Subject:  What is this beetle?
Geographic location of the bug:  44°46’17.7″N 27°03’02.6″E
Date: 12/08/2018
Time: 04:19 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Bugman,
I found this insect, but it seems unidentifyable. Can you help me to identify it, please?
How you want your letter signed:  RS

Longicorn: Dorcadion (Cribridorcadion) decipiens

Dear RS,
Your global coordinates indicate this sighting was made in Romania.  This is a Longicorn in the family Cerambycidae, and we quickly identified it as
Dorcadion (Cribridorcadion) decipiens thanks to Cerambycidae where it indicates the distribution is “Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Monte Negro, Moldova.” 

Dear Daniel,
Thanks a lot for the answer and for Dorcadion (Cribridorcadion) decipiensc identification, which were a big help for me.
Location: Romania

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