Subject:  6-legged-slug-bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Davis, CA: basement office
Date: 12/04/2018
Time: 04:59 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi Bugman,
I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when this seemingly friendly but very fast moving little guy came cruising towards my arm. He’s looking for something (dinner?) but I don’t know what and I don’t know what he is or where he came from! There are laboratories in this building, but none that do any work on this kinda critter!
How you want your letter signed:  Worried about bugs with tails

Oh! It’s a snakefly larva 🙂 No further ID necessary!

Snakefly Larva

Dear Worried about bugs with tails.
We are pleased that you were able to identify your Snakefly larva without our assistance.

Location: Davis, California

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