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Subject:  Pupa identification
Geographic location of the bug:  Canberra Australia
Date: 10/06/2018
Time: 05:14 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Been trying to identify this but coming up with no idea. It looks like a tent caterpillar web but not their pupae…
How you want your letter signed:  Thanks

Possibly Pupae of Imperial Jezebel

We wish your image had more critical detail, especially of the individual pupae.  We do not believe these pupae belong to a caterpillar.  We will continue to research this matter, but in the meanwhile, we are posting your request as Unidentified.

Update:  Thanks to a comment from Richard Stickney, we believe these might be the pupae of the Imperial Jezebel or Imperial White, Delias harpalyce, which is pictured on The Victoria Museum site.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Canberra, Australia

2 Responses to Unknown Pupae from Australia might be Imperial Jezebel

  1. Richard Stickney says:

    I haven’t seen them personally, but I’ve seen another photo like it. These are pupae of a Jezebel or Imperial White butterfly, Delias sp.

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