Subject:  What is this
Geographic location of the bug:  Cape town south africa
Date: 07/31/2018
Time: 11:34 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Found this on my patio area
How you want your letter signed:  Any

Red Headed Cockroaches

Dear Any,
These are Red Headed Cockroaches,
Deropeltis erythrocephala, and we verified their identity on iNaturalist and iSpot.  This is an outdoor species that will not infest your home and you have no need to be concerned regarding this sighting on your patio.

Red Headed Cockroaches

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

4 Responses to Red Headed Cockroaches in South Africa

  1. Dwayne Petersen says:

    I don’t believe that they do not infest house or garden, I have so many in my garage and in the roof of my house, its bad

  2. LS says:

    They breeding in my roof as well hence the search for what specie they are.

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