Subject:  Polistes flavus
Geographic location of the bug:  Tucson, Arizona
Date: 06/30/2018
Time: 4:27 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman: P.S.
You might be interested in the attached photo of Polistes flavus “walking on water.”
Kathy is always rescuing waterlogged honeybees, but she photographed these wasps landing on the surface of the pool, taking a drink, then flying off over the house. ID has been confirmed by the folks on the Southwestern Arthropods Facebook page.
How you want your letter signed:  Julian P. Donahue

Paper Wasp: Polistes flavus

Thanks Julian, for sending your gorgeous image of a Paper Wasp.  BugGuide has no species specific information on it except to indicate its southwest range.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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