Subject:  Ant/Wasp like creature found on window
Geographic location of the bug:  Montreal, City Area
Date: 06/30/2018
Time: 04:55 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  It was around as big as the tip of my index finger (not including the wings). This wasp/ant like creature was all brown except for its abdomen, which was a darker shade of brown. It had a retractable stinger, I saw it and has black and white wings. I saw it on the opposite side of my window facing outside my house. I saw it on a cloudy hot summer day around dusk time, around the end of June. I am curious to know what kind of species it is, and if it is dangerous or not. I cannot find anything about it on the Internet, maybe it is a new species? Thank you!
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Picture Winged Fly

This is neither an Ant nor a Wasp.  It is a Fly.  More specifically, it is a Picture Winged Fly, Delphinia picta.  It is not dangerous.

Location: Montreal, Canada

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