Subject:  Bioluminescent millipede
Geographic location of the bug:  Wisconsin
Date: 06/28/2018
Time: 11:49 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi,
We live in Wisconsin, USA and found a couple bioluminescent millipedes here at our home. From what we’ve been reading, they’re not native to this area or maybe even this country.
Anywho, we’re now very curious about this creature. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
How you want your letter signed:  Brittany


Dear Brittany,
This is not a bioluminescent Millipede, but rather a native Glowworm.  A Glowworm is the bioluminescent larva of a beetle in the family Phengodidae, a group distinct and separate from Fireflies or Lightning Bugs in the family Lampyridae.  Adult male Glowworm beetles are quite unusual looking in their own right, though they are not bioluminescent. 

Location: Wisconsin

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