Subject:  identify caterpillar
Geographic location of the bug:  Raanana, Israel
Date: 03/26/2018
Time: 11:54 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  We found a lot of these caterpillars in our garden eating our nasturtium leaves. We have become fond of them, and have put some in a box, hoping to get butterflies (which we will release of course). They remind us of the silkworms we used to have as kids. Please can you give us some information about them. Is there anything else we can feed them besides nasturtium leaves?
How you want your letter signed:  Bug lovers

Large White Caterpillar

Dear Bug lovers,
Thank you for providing the information that nasturtium is the food plant.  We believe this is the caterpillar of a Large White,
Pieris brassicae, a butterfly that is found in Israel according to Israel’s Nature Site.  According to Learn About Butterflies:  “The Large White, often inaccurately referred to as the Cabbage White, is found across the whole of Europe including the Mediterranean islands and the sub-arctic areas of Scandinavia. It also occurs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and across temperate Asia to the Himalaya mountains. It does not occur naturally beyond these regions, but was accidentally introduced to Chile.”  Hortographical has many images of Large White caterpillars feeding on nasturtium.

Thank you Daniel for all that good information,
We look forward to many white butterflies.
This is a great service you offer.
Best wishes,
Bug lovers Anthony and Jenny

Location: Raanana, Israel

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