Subject:  Is this a type of ladybug?
Geographic location of the bug:  Northeast us
Date: 03/25/2018
Time: 08:45 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi we have seen a number of these of late, dont know what they are.
How you want your letter signed:  Michael J. Winkler

Varied Carpet Beetle

Hi Michael,
This is a Varied Carpet Beetle, a common household pest.  The larvae do the damage indoors, feeding on organic materials including wool carpets, pet hair and many other things found in the home.  Adults feed on pollen and they are most often noticed indoors near windows as they try to get outside.

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One Response to Varied Carpet Beetle

  1. claudia gale says:

    i have numerous parasites in my skin, feces, subcutaneous blood, etc. is there any way i can send you some videos in order for you to help me with identification? rhey are quite disturbimg….but my doctor has refused to,look at any of them.

    i found a flea in one of many lesions on my legs and was given Ivermectin….which worked on a temporary basis. not one doctor took skin scarpings or did any of the protocol suggested in the Merck Manual of medicine, prior to deeming me as having delusional parasytosus.

    I took skin scrapings and found all kinds of winged insects in them. videos to proove it. recently had all the skin just peel off my feet…and found all kinds of black fibers and black specks that seemed to have small white worms on them. three days later, i videoed the same skin and was shocked to find an insect acrually crawling from under the skin.

    i also found sand fly larvae in my cats water bowl…which i brought to show my doctor.

    i am beside myself, at this point, as i have found sand flies, some kind of flea and now an insect of unknown origin….in or on my body. i asked for a stool sample,to,test for parasites….but my doctor wrote on the lab slip…”check for occult blood only”…underlying the only twice.

    please help me. thank you.

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