Hi Daniel,
Just spotted this (so to speak) on Daily Kos: a Chinese lanternfly that has turned up in Pennsylvania, which feeds on Ailanthus.
Full detailed, informative, article here: https://tinyurl.com/ydeb2fma
And here’s a pic of the critter from that post:

Thought What’s That Bug might be interested.
Best Wishes,
Julian P. Donahue

Spotted Lanternfly

Thanks Julian,
WTB? has gotten about five reports of Spotted Lanternflies or White Cicadas from Pennsylvania in the past year.  The oldest posting is from January 2017.

We did not know they fed on ailanthus.  unfortunately, we do not believe their diet is limited to Ailanthus.  Even if that were the case, we doubt they would have much effect on that invasive tree.  The Daily Kos states:  “Both nymphs and adult SLF cause damage when they feed, sucking sap from stems and leaves. The adult SLF prefers the invasive tree of heaven (
Ailanthus altissima) as its primary host. The nymph stages will use numerous plants as hosts.”

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Location: pennsylvania

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