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Subject:  What am I and can i kill trees?
Geographic location of the bug:  Millican Tx
Date: 01/30/2018
Time: 10:01 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hello, recently i hauled off a dead tree from my mothers house and while cutting it up for firewood, found this Larva stage looking fellow.. id like to know what kind of insect this is and is it capable of killing trees once it burrowed in or was it just looking for a spot to metamorphosis?
How you want your letter signed:  Thanks! Vivian Stanley

Beetle Grub: Cerambycidae or Buprestidae???

Dear Vivian,
This is a Beetle Grub, most likely from either the Longhorned Borer family Cerambycidae, or the Metallic Borer family Buprestidae.  A single grub will not kill a tree, but a serious infestation might compromise the health of a tree.  You did not indicate what type of tree it was since many Borer Beetles are very host specific.  Additionally, you did not indicate the size.  Immature Grubs can be difficult to identify with certainty, and we cannot see enough features, including the head, to help narrow down the possibilities.

Thanks so much for your speedy response, i truly appreciate it. The information you’ve provided will be most helpful indeed!!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Millican, Texas

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