Subject:  Praying mantis
Geographic location of the bug:  Oahu, Hawaii,  USA
Date: 12/29/2017
Time: 12:57 AM EDT
Hello I was wondering what type of mantis these are. I have searched your website and haven’t found it exactly. Using google images I’ve determined it is in the hierodula genus but not the exact species. In the past week I have found five or six of them all of them being female and I have not found any males in all the time I’ve lived here so I am curious if they are parthengenic. Thank you in advance for helping me
How you want your letter signed:  Colin

Giant Asian Mantis

Dear Colin,
One of the biggest problems with trying to identify Insects and Arthropods sighted in Hawaii is that many if not most creatures, especially on Oahu, are introduced from other parts of the world.  Based on this FlickR image from Hong Kong, we believe you have correctly identified the genus
Hierodula.  This unidentified individual from Hawaii on Leigh Hilberts site also looks very much like your individual.  Mantidforum does picture males from this genus, so we do not believe you have a parthenogenic species.  It is more likely you have not encountered males that generally do not live as long as female Mantids.  Your submission is our first new posting since our editorial staff returned from holiday.

Giant Asian Mantis

Comment from Brian Fridie on Facebook:  Hierodula patellifera. I would love it I could help in correctly IDing many of the mantids on your site.

We would love to take advantage of Brian’s offer.  In the future, please post a comment on the actual posting and we can include corrections and identifications on our site.  The editorial staff does not communicate via Facebook.

Giant Asian Mantis

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

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