Subject:  Some Type of Wasp
Geographic location of the bug:  Berrima NSW Australia
Date: 12/10/2017
Time: 02:11 AM EDT
Hi, I found a group of these bugs all collected together on some moss. And though I have looked everywhere I cannot identify. I have included a photo of how i originally found them and then one separated. Could you please help me? Thank you so much.
How you want your letter signed:  Celia

Male Flower Wasp

Dear Celia,
We believe this is a male Flower Wasp in the family Tiphiidae, and the aggregation is a common behavioral activity that male Flower Wasps and certain other solitary Hymenopterans engage in, and it is commonly called a bachelor party.  Male Flower Wasps often congregate in large numbers and “roost” on plants as evening approaches.  You may read more about Australian Flower Wasps on the Brisbane Insect site.

Bachelor Party of Flower Wasps

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Location: Berrima, New South Wales, Australia

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