Subject:  Insect ID
Geographic location of the bug:  Mexico
Date: 11/20/2017
Time: 02:37 PM EDT
Hello, this insect is located in Mexico(it is November).  Is it a tarantula hawk?
How you want your letter signed:  Not sure

Tiger Moth:  Isanthrene pyrocera

This is a wasp mimicking Tiger Moth, and we believe it might be Leucotmemis guyanensis or a closely related species based on its similarity to this image posted to Bold Systems.  We will attempt to contact Arctiid expert Julian Donahue to ask his opinion.

Tiger Moth

Julian Donahue makes a correction.
Happy Thanksgiving, Daniel.
Our turkey is in the oven, with my signature Mexican stuffing, roasting in preparation for feeding 10 people tonight–with four of them having driven all the way from Albuquerque.
Your moth is Isanthrene pyrocera Hampson, 1898, described from Jalisco, Mexico.
Best wishes from the Sonoran Desert,

I appreciate you both taking the time to assist.
Have a great weekend.

Location: Mexico

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