Subject:  Lepidoptera in Zanzibar
Geographic location of the bug:  Zanzibar.
Date: 11/19/2017
Time: 03:14 PM EDT
Hello again,
Here I come with a beautiful specimen, I’m not sure if it’s a moth or a butterfly.
It was at the hotel we were in Zanzibar island, on may 2016.
Can you help me to identify the species? I’ve been searching on Internet without any results.
Thank you one more time.
How you want your letter signed:  Ferran Lizana

Cream Striped Owl

Hello again.
I think it’s not necessari your help for this species because finally I’ve found it. 😉
It’s Cyligramma latona. And I think it’s for sure.
Anyway, thank you for your work.

Hi Ferran,
We are happy you were able to identify your Cream Striped Owl, which is pictured on African Moths and on iNaturalist where it states:  “This widespread and common species can be found in western subsaharan Africa, including Egypt and Guinea. It can also be found in southern Africa.”

Location: Zanzibar

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