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Subject:  Two bugs in one day! :0
Geographic location of the bug:  Colombia, South America.
Date: 11/10/2017
Time: 05:54 PM EDT
Hey! So I was just laying in my bed (I live in a house on a hill) and this two bugs just came flying. I tried so hard to identify them but really couldn’t!
The first two pictures’ bug was like medium size and I identified as a Ivory Marked Beetle, but most pictures I saw just didn’t seemed alike.
The second one I have no idea at all lol. It was really small and, as you may see in the picture, has like a little green “drawing” on its back.
How you want your letter signed:  Dead curious, Daniel!


Dear Daniel,
Your first insect does indeed resemble the North American Ivory Marked Beetle, and we started our searching based on the assumption that your individual is most likely a member of the same tribe of Longicorns, Eburiini.  Most members of this tribe pictured on A Photographic Catalog of the Cerambycidae of the World have two white spots per elytra or wing cover.  Your individual appears closest to 
Eburodacrys prolixa which we found on A Photographic Catalog of the Cerambycidae of the World. The genus and species is also pictured on Alchetron.  We are uncertain of the identity of your other insect, but a better quality image would help.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Colombia

One Response to Longicorn from Colombia

  1. dchaves says:

    Thanks for replying!
    Well, I wasn’t that far from getting it right hehe. I have now updated my records, thank you so much; it feels good to have pictures of a kind of newly discovered species, you know?
    And about the other insect I can’t really add more, it was pretty small so I don’t think I have better pictures; I just remember its head was completely golden.

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