Subject:  Assassin bug?
Geographic location of the bug:  Virginia Beach, VA
Date: 11/06/2017
Time: 03:55 PM EDT
My 17 month old grandson was bitten/stung by this bug on 11/5/17. He was taken to an urgent care facility, and was not treated for the bite. We’re guessing an assissan bug of some type.?  The baby stepped on it barefoot in the living room. In your opinion, are there potentially any health issues we need to be concerned about?   Thank you.
How you want your letter signed:  Worried Grandma

Assassin Bug Nymph

Dear Worried Grandma,
We are not medical professionals, but we can tell you that we agree with your assessment that this is an Assassin Bug, and more specifically it is an immature individual from the genus Zelus, a genus with members that bite readily in defense if they are threatened or carelessly handled, and unfortunately in the case of your grandson, that includes accidentally stepping on one.  The bite is reported to be quite painful, and a mark might last for days or even longer, but in our opinion, there is no threat.  This is NOT a Kissing Bug, a group of Assassin Bugs known to spread Chagas Disease.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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