Subject:  Common Buckeye, maybe
Geographic location of the bug:  Southeastern New Mexico
Date: 10/28/2017
Time: 05:54 PM EDT
I found this guy flitting around in my yard.  He landed in the grass and posed for several pictures.  I thought he was perfect for fall – brown, orange, cream, along with great eyespots.  Looking on your site, I found the Common Buckeye, they looked like a match.  For all that it is a “common” butterfly, I don’t recall seeing one before.  It looked like your last Common Buckeye submission was from a few years ago, so I thought I’d send it in.
How you want your letter signed:  Curious

Common Buckeye

Dear Curious,
We believe this is a Common Buckeye, but according to BugGuide, the similar looking Tropical Buckeye is also found New Mexico.

Location: New Mexico

One Response to Buckeye Butterfly

  1. Curious says:

    Thanks for the information. I looked at pictures of both the Common and the Tropical Buckeye. When I was trying to identify my guy, I only found pictures that identified the butterflies as Commons. I did not realize that there were two Buckeyes that are so similar. It could be either of them.

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource to all of us backyard bug watchers. I have used your site to identify many of my tiniest neighbors.

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