Subject:  Cricket looking thingy
Geographic location of the bug:  Bel Air Maryland
Date: 10/24/2017
Time: 05:58 PM EDT
Not sure what he is, he didn’t show up in Google images. It hissed at me when I poked it with a leaf.
How you want your letter signed:  concerned person


Dear concerned person,
This is definitely a Cricket in the family Gryllidae and most likely a Field Cricket in the genus
Gryllus.  According to BugGuide:  “A very difficult genus, because most species are extremely similar in appearance and in morphology. In a given area, it is usually possible to learn the various species through experience, by learning which songs go with which crickets at what time of year. However, from photographs and even with pinned specimens it is very difficult if not impossible to identify many individuals with certainty. A few species are distinctive enough to recognize on sight, but most are not. This is a group where it is actually usually easier to identify a specimen by hearing it than by seeing it! Another complication is the fact that several species (especially in the west) do not even have names yet. And yet another complication is that females do not sing.”  Your individual is a singing male.

Location: Bel Air, Maryland

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