Subject:  Argiope egg cases, black widow?
Geographic location of the bug:  Memphis, TN
Date: 10/19/2017
Time: 01:25 PM EDT
The argiope I sent a photo of in March disappeared (died/was eaten?) a week or two ago. I thought you might want to see the egg cases she left for next spring.
I also include a photo of what I believe is a black widow. (I couldn’t get a shot of the side with the red on it.)
How you want your letter signed:  Laurel

Egg Sacs of a Golden Orbweaver

Dear Laurel,
We did receive an image of a Golden Orbweaver from you in August.  Thanks for sending images of her egg sacs.  Orbweavers are short-lived spiders, living only a single season.  Your other spider does appear to be a Widow. 

Sorry about the date mix-up. I first saw the spider in March.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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