Subject:  Unidentified flying bug
Geographic location of the bug:  San Mateo, CA
Date: 10/16/2017
Time: 01:37 PM EDT
I found this bug sitting on the ceiling of our livingroom… I cupped I and brought it outside. After I took pictures, it crawled quickly out of the cup and flew away. It looked very similar to a lady bug. Is it similar? Can you tell what it is?
How you want your letter signed:  Kelley

Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle

Dear Kelley,
This looks to us like a Eucalyptus Leaf Beetle,
Chrysophtharta m-fuscum, a species we learned to identify when we found some munching on the eucalyptus tree around the corner from our Mount Washington offices.  According to the Center for Invasive Species Research:  “Eucalyptus leaf beetle is a new pest of ornamental eucalyptus and was introduced from Australia into southern California around 2003. It is not controlled by native parasites or predators. In Australia it is commonly known as one of the eucalyptus tortoise beetle species.”

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Location: San Mateo, California

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