Subject:  Caterpillar
Geographic location of the bug:  South Africa
Date: 10/09/2017
Time: 11:55 AM EDT
We saw this nice caterpillar on the rocks of Cape Point in South Africa. What is the name ?
How you want your letter signed:  José Wyseur

Cape Lappet Moth Caterpillar

Dear José,
As we were formatting your image, we realized you named it “Donsvlinderrups” and a quick word search turned up a Wikipedia posting that indicates the name refers to the Erebid genus
Euproctis, and though the pictured caterpillar looks similar, we believe your caterpillar is a Cape Lappet Moth Caterpillar, Eutricha capensis, that we identified on iSpot.

Hello Daniel,
Many thanks for your help !
Kind regards,
José Wyseur

Location: Cape Point, South Africa

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