Subject:  Gnarly bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Kent, Great Britain
Date: 09/30/2017
Time: 05:37 PM EDT
Found this bug in my bathroom a few days ago, is roughly 2-2.5inches long. Found a second, smaller one in kids bedroom this evening.
Brick built house, roughly 7years old. Just coming into autumn here in UK and weather has been approx. 15-20C the past week.
Hope that helps
How you want your letter signed:  Many thanks  Ken

Devil’s Coach Horse

Dear Ken,
This is a predatory Rove Beetle that is commonly called a Devil’s Coach Horse.  According to Nature Spot:  “This beetle is found in damp conditions in most natural environments including: woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens, where it relies on decaying natural matter.”  According to the Royal Horticultural Society:  “Two beetle families are largely ground dwelling and predatory and should be considered  gardener’s friends: ground beetles (Carabidae) and rove beetles (Staphylindae). …  The matt black devil’s coach horse (
Ocypus olens) is Britain’s largest rove beetle and is often found in gardens under logs or pots.”  Thank you for providing images of both the threat posture and the more relaxed position.  When threatened, the Devil’s Coach Horse will curve its abdomen over its head like a scorpion, but instead of stinging, it releases a foul odor.

Devil’s Coach Horse

Location: Kent, Great Britain

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