Pre-Pupal Drab Prominent Caterpillar

Subject:  fat, pink, and roly poly Geographic location of the bug:  vermont, usa Date: 09/29/2017 Time: 04:50 PM EDT I work at a childcare center on the vermont-new hampshire border, and i’ve seen a bunch of unusual bugs on the playground this year. i wish i’d found this site earlier, because it would have been … Read more

Ensiferan from Borneo

Subject:  Bu Jiminy, it’s a huge cricket! Geographic location of the bug:  Borneo Date: 09/29/2017 Time: 06:33 PM EDT Dear Bug-dudes, on the road up to Mt. Kinabalu I foolishly picked this monster up to get a size comparison photo – it chomped the end of my bird-flipping finger and drew ridiculous amounts of blood … Read more

Long Legged Flies

Subject:  Bugs in backyard Geographic location of the bug:  Torrance California Date: 09/28/2017 Time: 07:31 PM EDT I put fly traps up in backyard to help with flies around my dogs and I end up catching these bugs instead. I just want to make sure these are not mosquitos since my dogs and myself are … Read more

Wolf Spiders: Tigrosa species

Subject — Wolf or Trapdoor Geographic location of the bug — Montgomery, Al Date: 09/28/2017 Time: 06:18 PM EDT Hi: I am sending two pics of what I believe are the same spieces of spider. One of the spiders is, what I think to be, quite a unique color. I stupidly forgot to put a … Read more

Eastern Carpenter Bee

Subject:  Bee ? Geographic location of the bug:  Manhattan, kandas Date: 09/27/2017 Time: 06:50 PM EDT Is this a bee on my marigolds? Strange and large !! How you want your letter signed:  Coleen Dear Coleen, This is an Eastern Carpenter Bee, and despite its name, it is reported as far west as Colorado based … Read more