Subject:  Flying insect covered in white hairs
Geographic location of the bug:  Southeast Florida
Date: 09/30/2017
Time: 08:09 AM EDT
I’ve been living in Florida all my life but this is a first. I did not kill it or disturb it.I just took a picture it.I was at a park and it was resting on a fence post.Can you tell me the name of this thing and what it does?
How you want your letter signed:  George M


Dear George,
This is an Antlion in the genus
Vella.  The common name refers to the larvae, also called Doodle Bugs, that live in sandy soil at the bottom of a pit where they wait with only their mandibles exposed, ready to eat anything that tumbles into the pit. 

Location: Florida

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  1. Ray Boehringer says:

    I discovered an Antlion on the outside screen on my Lanai. It has just been sitting there for about an hour. I live in Grand Island, Florida (09-18-2021). My photo matched yours almost exactly with a slightly different design on the wings. Length is about 3 inches.

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