Subject:  Big Green & Fuzzy
Geographic location of the bug:  Orrick, MO
Date: 09/24/2017
Time: 05:09 PM EDT
@In mid-September, my husband accidentally kicked this guy on the ground. He thought it was some sort of “premature pinecone”. Low and behold, it moved. That’s when we realized that is was some sort of large caterpillar. It almost seemed like it had a hard shell, but I didn’t touch him to find out. We left him on the ground and don’t know what happened to him but still curious as to what it was…
How you want your letter signed:  D&C at Shak Creek

Pre-Pupal Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Dear D&C at Shak Creek,
This is a pre-pupal Imperial Moth Caterpillar.  Just prior to pupation, many caterpillars change color and search for an appropriate site to commence metamorphosis.  As pupation time nears, the caterpillars become more sluggish.

Pre-Pupal Imperial Moth Caterpillar

Location: Orrick, Missouri

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