Subject:  What is this creature?
Geographic location of the bug:  Hartford County, Connecticut
Date: 09/24/2017
Time: 08:55 PM EDT
Hellooooo Bugman. It’s great to see your site as active as ever. I sent you an inquiry years ago and you were able to help. Thank you! Could you please help again? We have been seeing several of these guys and I thought they were roaches at first! The body looks more like a moth to me, but the antennae look more like a beetle. The wings stand up at an interesting angle.
How you want your letter signed:  Thanks again! Annie


Dear Annie,
This is a Caddisfly, and your observation that it resembles a moth is understandable.  Entomologists tend to agree that the Caddisfly order Trichoptera does share many similar traits with the Moth order Lepidoptera.  Do you live near a body of water?  The nymphs of Caddisflies are aquatic and they are commonly called Caseworms.

Location: Hartford County, Connecticut

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