Subject:  California trapdoor spider.
Location:  Hoodsport Washington State
Date: 09/19/2017
Time: 04:46 PM EDT
I found this very large fellow above my bed during the night. Caught him in my hat box and put him out in my woodsey rain forest today. So silly question, will there be more? And is he a agrressive bitter?
Signature:  dena williams

Male California Trapdoor Spider (from our archives)

Dear dena,
We do not believe you encountered a California Trapdoor Spider as BugGuide data only indicates a range within California.  We suspect you might have encountered 
Antrodiaetus another member of the same family that we found pictured on BugGuide, and that is reported from Washington by a BugGuide contributor.  Trapdoor Spiders are not aggressive, though we suspect the female may attack to protect her brood.


Location: Hoodsport, Washington

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