Subject:  bee or wasp
Geographic location of the bug:  Baltimore Ontario
Date: 09/18/2017
Time: 10:11 PM EDT
I found this little guy walking back and forth on a milkweed plant. I did not realize (until I reviewed my photos) that one of his wings is damaged. I feel sorry for the little guy. I don’t know if this is a bee or wasp. I am leaning towards a bee. Hope you can tell me would be great to know. Thanks
p.s. may have sent this twice computer issues.
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terri martin

Square-Headed Wasp

Dear Terri,
The head-on view you provided made it easy for us to identify your Square-Headed Wasp in the subfamily Crabroninae, and though it is not the same species, it looks very similar to this BugGuide image.  Because of the striping pattern on the abdomen, and the yellow legs and antennae, we suspect your individual is in the genus
Crabro like this BugGuide image.

Square-Headed Wasp

Location: Baltimore, Ontario, Canada

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