Subject:  a ladybug beetle with no spots
Geographic location of the bug:  Southern New Mexico forest 7000 ft.
Date: 09/10/2017
Time: 04:30 AM EDT
It’s bigger than a ladybug but it looks like a ladybug beetle with no spots. What is it?
How you want your letter signed:  Mary Ray

LeConte’s Giant Lady Beetle

Dear Mary Ray,
This is indeed a Lady Beetle.  We initially located it on the Texas Entomology site where it is identified as the Giant Lady,
Anatis lecontei, and we crosschecked that name on BugGuide where it is called LeConte’s Giant Lady Beetle or the Large Orange Lady Bug.  According to BugGuide:  “One of the largest lady beetles in North America” and “Type locality: Fort Wingate, New Mexico.”

OMG!! this makes me so happy to know! Thank you Daniel so much!!!

Location: New Mexico

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