Subject:  Bee Identification
Geographic location of the bug:  Spruce Pine NC
Date: 09/01/2017
Time: 04:28 PM EDT
Hi I saw this little critter on its back and was going to help flip him over but he turned back without my help. I thought he was just a regular Bee until I saw his wings legs and stinger. It’s the beginning of fall here I have to say I’ve never saw a bee quite like this!
How you want your letter signed:  SJ

Female Giant Robber Fly

Dear SJ,
This is not a bee.  It is a predatory Giant Robber Fly in the genus
Promachus, but we are not certain of the species.  What you have mistaken for a stinger is the ovipositor the female uses to lay eggs.  Here is a similar looking individual on BugGuide.

Female Giant Robber Fly

Location: Spruce Pine, North Carolina

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